What are Singapore Pools?

Sometimes two things can be better together, like watching sports and placing wagers simultaneously. People in Singapore enjoy connecting these two things, and it is a great way to experience a whole new level, and Singapore Pools Odd is one example. There are many betting options available through Singapore pools. It is the only company to provide legal avenues for players to keep their game current and safe.

Foreign Sportsbooks Vs. Singapore Pools

Many Singaporeans still consider betting through foreign sportsbooks, despite the existence of Singapore Pools; this is because foreign sportsbooks offer more selections. Another reason is the legal age for bettors. Singapore Pools allows only 21-year-olds to gamble, while foreign sportsbooks allow 18-year-olds to explore the world of betting.

Betting option in Singapore pools

These are the most popular betting options in Singapore:


  • Lottery
  • TOTO
  • 4D
  • Singapore Sweep
  1. Sports betting
    • Football betting
    • Horse Racing
    • Motor Racing
  2. Remote Gambling

Singapore Pools football odds and fixtures is a lottery owned by the state. Remote gambling allows gamblers to place bets online without visiting a casino.

Remote gambling

Many people still place illegal wagers, despite establishing legal gambling sites and companies for Singaporean players. The Remote Gambling Act legally prohibited online gambling in 2014. A 2016 exception was made for Singapore Pools. While many online gambling sites have been shut down, illegal sportsbooks cater to Singaporean punters.

Points on How to Place a Bet in Singapore

These are some tips to help you avoid being charged with illegal gambling in Singapore.

  • Singaporeans should only gamble with their trusted friends to avoid being arrested for illegal gambling.
  • Avoid playing with novice gamblers and those who only play once in a while. Their high gambling stakes attract authorities.
  • Individual gamblers should be discouraged from placing wagers in public places. They should instead use online or private betting.

This infographic by CM2Bet will explain more about Singapore Pools for additional learning.


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